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A Cancer Survivors’ adventure in Healthy Eating, Better late than never

It’s been 4 years since I was undergoing cancer treatment- and only recently did I start to really look at my diet. What changed might you ask? A good friend of mine was just told her breast cancer metastasized to her lungs. And I instantly thought of another friend I met this summer, Chopper. Chopper [...]

How come the doctors never mention drains after surgery?

Or if they do mention them- it’s in passing. Like it’s no big deal. Well, it IS a big deal! Only because most people are unprepared for them. Where do I put them? How do I shower with them? And what? I have to have them for another 2 weeks??? Are you kidding me?  The [...]

Bald is Beautiful, Henna tattoos on Cancer patients

When I was at a C4YW Conference in February, I met a woman named Stephanie who just finished Chemo and she has a henna tattoo on her scalp. It was awesome! Stephanie said it was her way of celebrating the end of Chemo. And you know I am all for throwing yourself an end of [...]

Creating “Art” with a tumor, one survivors way to visualize her cancer

On Studio 360 from NPR, they highlighted an artist, Leonor Caraballo, and her project “Object Breast Cancer” who took her actual MRI slides from her cancer diagnosis in 2008 and made a solid object from the tumor that was scanned there. I put the word “art” in quotes not because it is not an art [...]

Look at my bro Chopper! He’s defying the odds!

Here is “Chopper” someone I just met a couple of weeks ago -surfing with First Descents. (see my last blog post) He is on this new kick-ass Lung cancer drug (click on youtube video below)- you should have seen him on the waves. He was amazing! I couldn’t be happier for him that he is on [...]

Surfing with First Descents FD1

(First Descents offers young adult cancer fighters and survivors  a free outdoor adventure experience designed to empower them to climb, paddle and surf beyond their diagnosis, defy their cancer, reclaim their lives and connect with others doing the same.) I didn’t know what to expect or if I was going to get much out of [...]

I am going Surfing! Yikes!

So I am 5 days away from flying to North Carolina’s Outer Banks to go surfing. I am going with First Descents- they are an organization I found out about from another survivor who went kayaking last year. First Descents Mission Statement: First Descents offers young adult cancer fighters and survivors a free outdoor adventure [...]

Photographing Survivor Stories…

Carla Ten Eyck, a local Hartford, Connecticut photographer decided to do something about so much cancer around her. She is going to take pictures of Cancer Survivors at her photography workshops and not only tell their stories but give 10% of her workshop profits to a charity of the survivor’s choice! And I am very [...]

What makes a great Doctor

As a cancer patient who has fibromyalgia, I have been to my fair share of doctors. In my cancer treatment year I logged over 2,000 miles in my little red corolla going to doctors appointments, and my doctors were no farther than 7 miles away! Yikes! Going through something like cancer can be really scary, [...]

What to expect at Radiation treatment

I have gone through what it’s like to go to Chemo- so I thought I would go through what it’s like to go through Radiation. First off, Radiation is easier than chemotherapy; in so many ways. Everyone will tell you this, but it’s true.  When you first get started they are going to have you [...]